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10. France away jersey

White and Game Royal are the colours favoured by the 2018 World Cup winners in their change strip, which boasts a remarkable graphic print throughout. Taking inspiration from the traditional Toile de Jouy fabric, woven into the jersey are iconic moments and landmarks associated with France – including the Arc de Triomphe, a cockerel and Clairefontaine.

9. England away jersey

The away kit bears a striking resemblance to a red design that was featured in their Italia 90 World Cup wardrobe. It certainly is the return of the iconic all-over Challenge Red colourway, featuring a re-imagine collar which reveals a bold knitted Three Lions graphic when it’s popped up.

8. Germany away jersey

The Germany away kit comes in a bold cherry red and black colourway, both colours lent from the national flag. A neat little design feature is added in the form of a blurred ‘D’ of Deutschland in an all-over pattern to represent the dynamic football played by the squad.

7. Portugal away jersey

An off-white option is favoured by Portugal in their change kit, with red and green featuring once again in a central block that wraps around the front of the jersey. On the back, there is a dark blue panel at the top which sits just above a golden symbol

6. Denmark third jersey

Hummel revealed “toned down” kits that Denmark will wear during the world cup. Hummel says the subtle uniform message is in response to the alleged human rights violations that have occurred in Qatar.

5. Argentina away jersey

Argentina have been given a vibrant purple away kit inspired by the quest for an equal world. The lavender colourway represents the fight for gender equality, combined with a fiery graphic in reference to the national flag’s famous Sun of May.

4. Senegal home jersey

The current holders of a prestigious Africa Cup of Nations crown have looked to the history books for inspiration when it comes to their latest World Cup offering. Having famously opened the tournament back in 2002 with victory over reigning champions France, Senegal are hoping to produce more heroics some 20 years on.

3. Brazil away jersey

Brazil favour a stylish blue base in their 2022 away strip, with light green accents featuring on the sleeves and Nike swoosh. The official colours are paramount blue/dynamic yellow/green spark, with the five-time World Cup winners always looking to stand out from the crowd.

2. Germany away jersey

Germany’s 2022 shirt features a bold vertical black stripe which pays tribute to the nation’s very first shirt. It elevates the kit for a modern era with a clean aesthetic and gold detailing on the club badge and adidas logo, which sit at the centre of the shirt. The national flag colours on the collar tie up the sleek look.

1. Mexico away jersey

Adidas pay tribute to the ancient civilisations rooted in Mexican history to summon the team’s fighting spirit for the away shirt. Five special symbols make up the intricate graphic all-over print in red, which pops up nicely against the white shirt. The inside of the collar features Quetzalcoat’s serpent body, which is a representation of humankind’s physical abilities.

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